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Frequently Asked Questions


If someone in the household is sick within the last 48 hours it is extremely important that you contact me to reschedule. Due to the fact that I work with newborn babies it’s essential that they are not exposed to viruses.
I will send selection photos with my watermark on in low resolution via google drive a couple of days after the shoot, Once you send me your selection the turn around is upto 6 weeks. However, for the cake smash session I will send 2 photos before your little one’s birthday.
To book please send me your full name and email id, I will send you an invoice, Make a £100 deposit to secure the booking, once deposit is received I will send you your session details and booking confirmation.
I generally take a bank transfer, if you wish to pay using credit card please let me know I will send you a payment link via paypal for credit card payments.
Yes you can, the deposit is non refundable however we will try and reschedule your session for the following weeks.

Maternity FAQs

I have a bespoke selection of maternity gowns and fabrics which can be used during your session and you are welcome to bring any clothing with you.
No, at the moment I don’t provide hair and makeup, but I highly recommend you to get a professional hair and makeup for your session.


7-21 days is a perfect time for newborn sessions but it’s never too late to book a session and have captured babies up to 6 weeks for newborn sessions.
Please let me know when your baby arrives and we can confirm your session, ideally within the first 10 days of the baby’s life and ideally before they are two week’s old if possible.
My diary for newborn sessions often books up 2-3 months in advance so if you know you want newborn photos please don’t wait until baby is born to get in touch! If I have had a last minute cancellation or a baby has arrived early/late I may have some availability so it is always worth asking if your baby is already here.
Try to keep baby awake for as long as possible before the session and ready for a big feed on arrival. Please dress baby in something easy to remove and keep their nappy as loose as possible to avoid marks on their skin. for family shots please get ready, do you hair and makeup, however you will have time to do it here in the studio while I photograph the baby first. I will also attach a prep guid in your Booking confirmation email.
I have a vast variety of wraps, outfits, hats, headbands and props which help create my style of imagery, I will predominantly use these to create images you will love. If you have a sentimental teddy or a favourite outfit/blanket, please bring these with you we can incorporate in the session. You just give me the baby with a nappy and rest are taken care by me.
It is best to bring a dummy with you, even if baby is not using one as some babies require the comfort of a dummy whilst being moved into position and this can really help cut down the time taken in soothing baby. If you haven’t used a dummy with your baby yet, rest assured that using one for a few minutes during your session is highly unlikely to cause nipple or feeding confusion but if you really don’t want me to use a dummy of course we won’t.
Sessions can last anywhere from 3 – 4 hours as these are completely baby led and your baby’s every need will be attended to in order to ensure they are comfortable and happy throughout their time in my studio. If baby takes more time to settle so we will.
Yes, as soon as you confirm your booking by paying the deposit I will send you detailed email about your session in which I attach some colour palettes to choose from.
It is so important for me to get to know and understand your baby so I can read their cues and respond appropriately. I want the baby to get used to me holding, soothing and feeding them (if bottle fed of course)! The more time they spend with me they get more comfortable and be peaceful and let me pose them the way I want for the lovely images.
This is only natural and doesn’t tend to last the entire session. More often, with some time, patience and perseverance all babies will settle and we will be able to create beautiful images – awake or asleep. *Touch wood* I’ve not yet had to reschedule a session in my experience.